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Laser vaginal rejuvenation : Risks and Benefits

There are several benefits of giving birth through the traditional way of vaginal rejuvenation , through the vaginal passage. But it does take a toll on a woman’s genital area. At the time of vaginal childbirth the muscles, ligaments and fascia within the birth canal become weak. This weakness can lead to loss of firmness in your vagina that in turn can affect your sex life.

Don’t be disheartened. vaginal rejuvenation can bring your vagina back to normal condition like you were in virgin.

The vaginal surgery procedures that make the genital part of the female body look more attractive and much younger have become a favorite recently among women who want to enhance their genital aesthetics and improve sexual gratification.


Laser vaginal rejuvenation is the most common female genital plastic surgery procedure that can rejuvenate the vagina after childbirth and significantly improves the sexual gratification of a woman.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can be categorized into three main groups: labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and hoodectomy.

• Labiaplasty (sometimes spelled labiaplasty) refers to the surgical reduction of the labia majora and/or labia minora.

• Vaginoplasty for vaginal tightening is a procedure designed to tighten or rejuvenate the vagina.

• Hoodectomy, or Clitoral Unhooding, is the surgical removal of extra skin surrounding the clitoris in order to increase sexual stimulation.

As the name suggests, this outpatient procedure is often performed with the aid of a laser and is done under general anesthesia at a hospital or clinic on an outpatient basis.

The vaginal rejuvenation operation takes anywhere from one to two hours for completion

During the surgery, a skilled plastic surgeon uses a special laser to make incisions and sutures to repair the vaginal tearing and stretching or tighten the muscles of the upper/anterior, lower/posterior and perineum, as per the need of the patient.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2006 there were 1030 vaginal rejuvenation procedures performed, which is up from 793 in 2005.


Laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery tends to be less invasive than other types of cosmetic surgery.

It involves less of a recuperation period.

It significantly improves women’s self-esteem.

It restores the vagina’s lost elasticity, and proper function of the vagina.

As well, it improves a person’s sex life.


As with all surgical procedures, laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery also comes with some risks and post-operative complications.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which can put you at the risk of complications such as an allergic reaction.

As well, the risk of scarring, excessive bleeding and infection is inevitable.

Since an incision in the vagina involves cutting nerve endings in the vagina, it can result in temporary or permanent loss of sensation in the treated area.

After the surgery, some women may experience a sense of numbness in their vagina, making this surgery completely ineffective as instead of improving a woman’s sex life it can make it less pleasurable.

Not just this, the hormonal changes causing vaginal dryness can cause your vaginal tissues to stretch again.

The laser used in the surgery can cause the vaginal tissues to become inflamed and irritated.

In some cases, scar tissue can develop which can augment the risk for a greater sexual dysfunction outcome.

Although rare, the surgery can cause injury to the bladder, rectum, or both of these organs.

If you are a woman who really needs laser vaginal rejuvenation, it is important to talk to your surgeon at length regarding the optimal outcome of the surgery, adverse risks or complications associated with the procedure, possibility of re-surgery, as well as duration of surgery and post surgery care

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