About US


Yogaskolen was founded in August 2011 as Yogaskolen Mediation Service.

Yogaskolen has developed from a tiny home-based business in Woking to a nationwide mediation service spanning all of England and Wales.

The Yogaskolen team is also trained in online mediation, allowing us to treat customers from all over the world.

With the help of our clients, we were the first in the UK to provide fixed-fee mediation and legal packages. We continue to innovate within the sector, delivering online MIAMs and independent barrister evaluations, giving our clients an option to court if mediation fails.

Our divorce attorneys and family law solicitors are Resolution members with awards and extensive expertise in all aspects of family law.


We are set up to assist you find your future.
We understand your concerns:

  • When can I see my kids?
  • Where will I live in a year
  • Can I afford my bills?
  • Can I go on vacation/what happens at Christmas?
  • What does my future hold now?

Yogaskolen help you look ahead. Help you focus on your children’s, your own, and the family’s needs. We employ a faster, more amicable, and less stressful style of mediation.

We realise that making your future plans legally enforceable will benefit your health and welfare during a tough period. We handle the logistics so you can focus on the feelings. Seeking a better future?



  • Are we the best rated family mediation service in the UK?
  • About 90% of clients who undertake cooperative mediation agree.
  • With one of our fixed price packages, we prepare legal papers from your agreement


  • No need to substantiate your income or earnings
  • Our legal packages save the average customer £2,460.
  • Our mediators are all experienced family mediators.
  • We use progressive mediation, focusing on the future rather than the past.
  • Our lawyers can provide us an informal legal advice on difficult legal issues.
  • We can help with weekend meetings and nighttime appointments.
  • We can mediate online from your home or workplace.
  • We can help with pensions, financial advice, child arrangements orders, therapy, conveyancing and more.
  • It’s been nearly a decade! Your case is secure.